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This is a close up shot of a character from a documentary, which is about the life of a soldier in the army. The close up of the face helps the reader understand the emotion of the documentary and what he has been through. The audience then feels like they have an instant relation to him as they feel his pain. The producer decided to use a black background because with this technique it enables the eyes just to be looking at his face because there is nothing else to be distracted by, also it connotes the fact that it is quite a deep story that he is saying and this goes well with the emotion of the clip. He has been positioned on the golden line, a media technique where the face is not in the centre of the photo and is on either sides of the frame, this is because it is visually attractive to the human brain and we are more interested when it is like this. These frames are used very frequently in documentaries as they are powerful frames. This frame is used throughout the film, this is for continuity and the theme of black and white is also used throughout the film.


Main Product Research


I have been researching some of the most critically acclaimed documentaries of the past few years. In particular, Black Fish has received excellent reviews. Therefore, the following post will explore the different codes and conventions of the film but also I will try to identify any other information which will help me understand the documentary genre.

Background information

Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Budget: Not Public.

Box office: $2.2 million

Summary: Blackfish is a documentary that follows the controversy around the captivity of killer whales and the danger to both the whales and the humans. It mainly focuses on the whale Tilikum at Orlando, Sea World.

Practical considerations

I would consider using many techniques from this documentary for my own. For example i like the way the interviews are shot, having a close up of the faces which enhances the emotion of the film.

What I have learnt from Blackfish

I have learnt many things from Blackfish. For example the way the interviews can be shot and the different camera angles that can influence the way you feel towards the film and the emotion that you feel. These are all techniques that i would consider using for my own documentary and ones that i may have not thought of before watching Blackfish.