Ancillary 1: Creating

Below is a screenshot of me half way through creating my documentary poster. In this screenshot i am working on the positioning of the title and how big I should have the title. At this point I had not decided on where to put the tagline or the channel symbol. The software in which I was editing on is Adobe Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 14.17.57.png




Over the last couple weeks we have been editing the final edit of our documentary. We have made a few changes to what was on my story board as we believed that the changes were better and more effective. At the moment we have a couple more things to change to try and make it perfect in how we want it. One of the problems we had when making it was choosing the music to it, because we needed music that goes and helps with the emotion that we are trying to create, which is quite a deep and emotional one.

Main Task Update


Over the last month I have been mainly working on my final piece and coming up with ideas for my ancillary. I have been creating a timeline on “Final Cut Pro” using placeholders to show which shots I will be using and what will be on those shots. I hope to render that within the next few days to then be able to upload it to Youtube and then my blog. With my ancillary I hope to start that in the coming days. On the 23rd of January i am going back up to Hereford to film some more footage of the blind football and get some more interviews so that i have as much content as possible when creating my final piece.



So last week I went up to Hereford to the Royal National college for the blind to film for my main task. On this day we watched and filmed some blind football matches and we interviewed some of the players including the England top scorer, the England manager, an FA scout and a goal keeper. This day I got some good footage of the football and the interviews and i believe this is significant footage for my main task.

Matthew Lendon A2 Media coursework

Welcome to my blog. This is where i will be posting my coursework and keeping up to date with my work. I will have my planning on here and my main task. I will be posting every time an item of work is completed.

A2 Media Studies Coursework Proposal



Brief title: An extract from an original documentary TV programme, lasting approximately five minutes, together with two of the following three options:

  • A radio trailer for the documentary;
  • A double page spread from a listings magazine focused on the documentary;
  • A newspaper advertisement for the documentary.

Why have you chosen this brief?


I have chosen this brief because I wanted to create something that can hit the people at the heart. My documentary will be about blind football and will focus certain characters that suffer from blindness but have found hope in getting involved in blind football.

I plan to film and present a character that has gone through blindness and seen blind football as a way to escape all the different pressures and day-to-day tasks of being blind.

I will be using many different filming techniques to make my documentary top standard and that will present the message and emotion well.