Main Task: Final Cut

Below is the final cut for my documentary. Overall I and my co-director Callum Bennett enjoyed making this project and are very happy with the final outcome.


Main Task: Audience Feedback

When we finished our first cut I sent out the video to selected people to get feedback on what is good about it and how it could be improved. Here are some of the images:

IMG_3002 (1).jpg    IMG_3010.jpg   IMG_3008.jpg


This is just a few people that i have asked about my first cut. Overall the feedback was very positive and we were very happy with it. Everyone said they enjoyed the documentary and everyone highlighted the strengths of it. We also received some constructive criticism in which we can use to help us improve it.

Firstly the music had very good feedback. Everyone we spoke to said that it fits perfectly in with the theme of the documentary and that it sets a real emotion along with it. Music is one of the most important parts to a documentary because it has to create the emotion along with the clips. Everyone said that the slow tempo music fits in with the emotive and calm feel to the documentary. Although some people said that to improve it we should match the clip changes with the beat of the music because it will trigger both eye and ear senses and make the purge feel a lot more interwoven and fluid.

One piece of criticism we received was about a buzzing noise in the background of the interviews. This is something we did realise and we are going to try and remove when we carry on editing. You can also hear other people sometimes in the background of the interviews, due to certain circumstances on the day this is something we have to put up with as we cannot get rid of this.

Another thing someone said was that we should include a caption overlay which tell the viewers where about’s in the country we filmed and the name of the place where we filmed it. This was a great suggestion and something that both I and my partner have agreed to include. We must, however, make it look very professional as it is quite easy to make it look sloppy and amateur.