Main Task planning



This is the calendar on my phone showing me the dates in which i am meeting up with the other director to edit and create our final piece. These are dates that we both have off i will will be visiting his house to edit. We hope to have completed a draft of our final edit by Wednesday the 10th of February.


Main Task Planning- Time lapse


This was a practise time lapse that I took when on the journey back from Hereford. This was to get practise on taking them for when I include a time lapse in my actual documentary. I believe that this went quite well and i like the way you see it get further into the evening. To do this I placed my phone on the front window in the car and balanced in there on a time lapse.

Main Task Creating


Today me and my project partner visited Hereford again to go to the RNC to film some more blind football and film a couple more interviews. This day has had much planning for as you may have seen from other blog posts. It was a very successful day in which we got lots of new content in which will add what was missing before to help make it the perfect documentary. During the day I took photos of what i was doing and my partner also took photos of me whilst filming and doing some work. Here are some of the photo of the day:

IMG_2518         IMG_2520

IMG_2532         IMG_2536

IMG_2544         IMG_2550








We also got some time lapse of the journeys as practise which i hope to upload in the coming days.

Main Task- Emotive questions to ask


As i am visiting the RNC on Saturday the 23rd i have created a list of emotive questions that i plan to ask when i am up there. From these i hope to create an emotional atmosphere that can really attract the audience and hope that it anchors the rest of the documentary. Here is the list of 10 questions i may use:

  • Were you born blind? If not how did you become blind?
  • How has blind football helped you in becoming more confident?
  • How has the RNC helped you in adapting with being blind?
  • How hard was it to be blind in society?
  • As a blind person describe how you think society views and treats you?
  • What has blind football given to you?
  • If you weren’t born blind describe how was it coping to the new adaptations that being blind needs?
  • What advice would you give to a young person who is facing difficulties being blind?
  • Describe how blind football has bought you closer to people and helped you make new friends?
  • Being a blind footballer obviously involves immense skill, how hard was it to learn the skill and who inspired you to go into the sport?

These questions will hopefully bring out the emotional side to the interviewee, which is something we missed last time we went up there. I believe that  the emotional questions will make the documentary a lot more powerful.

Main Task Shot List


Football match
Montage of gameplay (action shot) (2s)


Montage of gameplay (action shot) (4s)


Montage of gameplay (action shot) (3s)


Montage of gameplay (action shot) (3s)


Go pro 1 (action shot) (1s)


Go pro 2 (action shot) (1s)


Go pro 3 (action shot) (1s)


Footballers playing (Time-lapse) (High angle) (10s) – Take a 30 second video of the game in play, then fast forward x3.

Changing room shots
Boots middle close-up (MCU) (3s) – Of one blind footballers shoes


Shirt (tight frame) (3s) – Back of a blind footballers shirt


Blindfold (CU) (3s) – Of the blindfold

‘Social’/other shots
Shots/home pictures of interviewee with him and his friends (further 13s)


Lads running out (LS) (3s) – The team exiting the changing room, make sure the audio is present, boots on floor, “come on lads”


Head shots (MCU) (1s) of as many players as possible -10 minimum – SAME FRAME


Establishing shot (ES) (5s) – of the RNC pitch

Manager interview
Manager talking about main character (golden mean, MS) (7s)


Gameplay of manager while he is talking (18s) (Action shot/LS)

Introduce new character; ask “What has blind football done for you?” (Golden mean, MS) (8s)


Brief interview from character (golden mean/MS) “It has given me…” (5s)

James Watkins interview
James Watkins talking about second character (MS/golden mean) (7s)


James Watkins visuals with players (LS) (23s)


Brief interview from character (golden mean/MS) “It has given me…” (5s)

Young blind footballer interview
Young new character “have you always been blind?” or if not “how did you become blind?” (MS/golden mean) (7s)


Variety of gameplay of young character (LS/action shot) (9s)


Before end of interview refer back to (MS) of the character speaking


Brief interview from character (golden mean/MS) “It has given me…” (5s)

Blind footballer 2 interview
Second character (blind footballer) “What has blind football done for you?” (MS/golden mean) (14s)


Various visuals of him playing (LS/Action shot) (14s)


Brief interview from character (golden mean/MS) “It has given me…” (5s)


Staff member interview
Third character (staff member) “what’s it like working with the blind?” (MS/golden mean) (14s)


Brief interview from character (golden mean/MS) “It has given me…” (5s)

Main character (blind footballer) interview
Main character (golden mean) – “Were you born blind?” “If not how did you become blind?”


Variety of gameplay over the sound of interviewee (action shot) (12s)


Brief interview from character (golden mean/MS) “It has given me…” (5s)

This is a shot list in which I hope to follow when I am creating my final piece. This list gives detail into what type of shots i will be taking and how long the shots will last for. It also characterises all the shots into what scene they are used and what sort of shot.

Main Task Planning- Title Choosing


I had to come up with a name for my documentary. I found this quite tough because i didn’t want a name that was too cheesy but i wanted a name that would stand out and is a bit different and one that doesn’t give away the whole story to what the documentary is about. I came up with ten different names that were up for contention. Here is the list:IMG_2116.jpg

I then decided within my class to take a vote on which people thought were their top three favourite names. Three being their favourite and one the last in their top three. I then added them up and the one with the highest score was “Minds Eye”. This is now the name of my documentary.